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For as long as I can remember I’ve been drawing snakes and daggers, or roses of some sort. Even drawing fake tattoos on my cousins when in was 7. Tattooed always stood out to me. The punk rock scene and skateboarding of the early 90’s pulled me even deeper into that world. After leaving the Okanagan for Edmonton at 16 those same roots followed me. In Edmonton I was lucky enough to have a successful career in custom metal fabrication, but tattoo, punk rock and skateboarding culture always had a hold on me. After an injury pulled me away from metal work I focused all my time on artwork. All the cards seemed to align and fortunately I got an apprenticeship under an old friend and punk rocker. From there tattooing has taken over my life.

Although I can tattoo in many styles, my art style is heavily based on American traditional and Japanese. Black lines matter!


+ 1 250 717 5654


Tuesday11AM - 6PM
Wednesday11AM - 6PM
Thursday11AM - 6PM
Friday11AM - 6PM
Saturday11AM - 6PM



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