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Diego Chagall


My name is Diego Chagall, I am 29 years old, I have been tattooing for 9 years, I am from Colombia and half a year ago I moved to Kelowna to join the dynamic Studios team.

I have always drawn in my life, my first memory is drawing in school. I began to study graphic design at university, where I did not feel so comfortable and in the last semester I decided to leave everything aside and dedicate myself to my true passion which is tattooing.

I was apprenticed at a studio in the city of Bogot√°, and after a couple of months I returned to my city to work in another studio, after a couple of years I decided to open my own store, which became a reference for art in the region because it is one of the most awarded studios in Colombia. At the time we came to have 3 locations in the same city and a fourth in another, but then I decided to migrate to another country in search of new possibilities for my art. I met Ryan Scarpino at the Panama convention a couple of years ago, where I won several awards, and then he invited me to participate in the van isle tattoo expo, where I won a total of 6 prizes including the best in show. Then Ryan gave me an offer to work in his studio in Kelowna. So we started with the migration process and after a full year ended up being victorious.

When I moved to Canada I closed all my other businesses in Colombia and bet everything on Dynamic Studios.

I can not say that I specialize in a tattoo style because I can do everything from traditional to new school, realism and everything in between. I always draw from memory, so I know It facilitates me to create ideas. My time at university made my understanding of art more versatile.

Right now I am working to bring my family to live with me and settle permanently in Canada

I have won 76 tattoo prizes, more than half of them in my country, starting with small to big events, and other international awards, as well as being invited as a jury in several conventions.

Right now I am working on the development of my own style of tattooing but it is a long process. To my joy, Canada allows me to work more quietly in this process and Dynamic Studios also supports this new artistic stage of my life.


+ 1 250 717 5654


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