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Tattoo After Care Instructions.

Kelowna Tattoo

#1 Leave your bandage on for a minimum of 1 hour:

Leave your bandage on for a minimum of 1 hour and no longer than 4 or 5 hours. (we would rather you left it on longer as opposed to washing it in a dirty bar bathroom) Do not re-bandage unless you speak with us and we decide it is a good idea, etc.

#2 After removal of bandage wash thoroughly with hot water:

After removal of bandage wash thoroughly with hot water and preferably a mild, liquid, unscented, soap. (dial, equate, etc…)

#3 Pat dry with a clean paper towel:

Pat dry with a clean paper towel and let air dry for one hour or more before applying aftercare.

#4 Apply a THIN layer of product:

Apply a thin layer of product (After Inked Recommended) and massage in to the skin to the point where it just barely looks moist. Do not goop it on. If using lotion, make sure the product has the words “Fragrance Free” on the label, otherwise there may be a small amount of chemical additive to make it smell just a little better and that is what will irritate it. We do not recommend A&D ointment because of its high petroleum content. This will block your skin from breathing which is the most important thing for not only healthy but especially healing skin. It needs to be able to breathe to avoid clogging pores, etc.


The most important part of healing your tattoo is keeping it clean with soap and water! It is a mere matter of common sense. If you are out and about, working, getting dirty, wash it more than if you are sitting on the couch watching Netflix marathons.

#6 Repeat this process for a week or two:

Repeat this process for a week or two depending on the how the tattoo looks. It will peel like a sunburn after a few days. (It is totally normal to see colored flakes of skin shedding) If it does scab in a few areas this is nothing to worry about, just let them fall off on their own. DO NOT scratch or pick at them and do NOT over-saturate in the shower. This could soften them up too much and cause them to come off prematurely which will leave blank spots that will need touching up.


During the healing process: NO SUN, SWIMMING, HOT TUBS OR BATHS!


After your tattoo is healed: Use Sunblock! this will keep it looking like new for a longer time.

#9 Take care of your skin:

Think of it this way, you are looking through the skin at the ink underneath much like a picture in a frame with glass over it. The better you take care of the skin the better the tattoo looks underneath.

#10 After you are all healed:

After you are all healed (usually about 2 weeks) stop in and say hello so the artist can give it a good looking over to make sure it does not need to be touched up and to get a nice healed portfolio picture. All touch up work is included in your original price for one year (except for hand, feet or face), unless you desire to change the tattoo in some way. If this is the case there may or may not be a fee.

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