Hey everyone!

We have booked the first of many guest artists that will be coming to hang out with us and do tattoos this summer.  First confirmed, is Brayton Furlong from Santa Cruz, California.

Brayton was born and raised in Santa Cruz, California surfing the breaks at Pleasure Point. He settled into tattooing after a career as a fine-art glass blower for over a decade, in which he displayed his work at exhibitions across the United States. Now, Brayton is the Owner/Operator of Heavy Water Tattoo – which has been open for about 3 years, and has no shortage of clientele.  He is an internationally acclaimed artist, that has been invited to conventions based off of  his work. This year he has done 3 tattoo conventions so far, starting in Lyon, France and Patras, Greece in February, and then on to Costa Rica in May. Brayton specializes in what he calls illustrative realism, a style characterized by photo-like realism and distinct details often rendered in blacks and grays. His approach is often realistic in representation but put into a surreal context.

He will be at Dynamic Studios August 4th and 5th, so please email or call us for bookings. The shop phone number is 250-717-5654.